Let’s say for example, a job seeker is interested in working for XXX company or perhaps YYY company has offered the job seeker a desirable position. Maybe the job seeker needs to relocate for the job or dish out cash for a new wardrobe or a criminal record check or some kind of software for the job before starting work. Great news! Job seekers may scan our database for bullying complaints against a company. A practical way to show integrity, save time, money and energy on a company that treats its employees unfairly and makes their lives a living hell behind closed doors, is to run a company background check on our website. We strongly encourage job seekers not to conduct business on behalf of companies that turn the other cheek to bullying. Don’t tolerate these companies — Don’t work for these companies — Don’t purchase their products and services. When such companies have a hard time attracting talent and begin to lose money, they’ll be forced to change the bullying culture in their enterprise.


Easy as A, B, C.

A) A job seekers enters the company information into the search field.

B) The system checks our database for a hit.

C) If a match is found, the results pop up on the screen!


[type] Verbal
[workonline] Workplace
[companyname] Woolworth
[companyprovince] All over
[companycity] Every city
[description] A terrible place to work for no matter where you live_
[category] Bullied By Someone In A Company You Work For

We contact companies with more than one bullying complaint in our database and advise them to clean up their act. We only remove a company from our database/scroll of disgrace when it’s been proven bullying has been addressed in the workplace, and we offer companies with a bullying culture various ways to address bullying via our partner resources page. Furthermore, we expose companies with a bullying culture on our facebook and twitter pages. Yes, we mean business. We are nothing without your help.


  • To save time, money & energy applying to jobs with a bullying culture
  • To help end workplace bullying
  • The ability to attach a bully record search certificate to your resume to impress hiring personnel and help land a job
  • The ability to post your resume on our resume board frequented by hiring personnel


  • We receive over 100 bullying complaints daily
  • We expose corporate bullying online & in our scroll of disgrace
  • 1 million + bullying complaints in our database across North America
  • This is personal. We can not be paid off. We are anti-bullying warriors for life who care deeply about how humans treat one another

Dear Job Seeker: Cobraman Organization will never sell or trade your personal information. You can rest assured you are getting the best service in the industry. 

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