What are the benefits of a company record search?

ANSWER: If a company has a reputation for bullying employees or enables a bullying culture, anyone in their right mind would want to know ahead of time before investing valuable time, money and energy in the company. Keep in mind that if a company does not pop up in our database after a search has been conducted, it doesn’t mean the workplace is bully free. It simply means, no one has reported the company in question to us yet.

How do you help companies that enable bullying?

ANSWER: We contact companies with more than one bullying complaint in our database and make them aware of our service. We also offer companies help resources through our partners.

What is the scroll of disgrace?

ANSWER: The scroll of disgrace, located in the footer of this website, lists companies with more than one bullying complaint in our database. We only remove a company from our database/scroll of disgrace when it’s been proven bullying has been addressed in the workplace.

How much does it cost to attach a bully search certificate to my resume?

ANSWER: The fee is $7.99.

Do job seekers receive any cash rewards?

ANSWER: Cash rewards are rewarded to bully background search (hiring personnel) subscription members only.  “Company” bully background search members do not receive any cash rewards.

If I report a company for bullying will they find out?

ANSWER: Bullying complainants are anonymous.

Can anyone use the company record service?

ANSWER: Yes. Anyone may conduct a search.

How much does it cost to conduct a company record search?

ANSWER: Absolutely nothing! Conduct unlimited search, free of charge.

Do I have to pay for the bully background search upfront?

ANSWER: No. You pay the $7.99 fee only if the bully background search comes back clean and we issue the certificate.

What countries do you service?

ANSWER: For now, Canada and the United States, as this is where our bullying complainants reside.

How many bullying complaints against companies do you have in your database?

ANSWER: As of 2017, there are roughly 1 million complaints of bullying in our database with 1 or more complaint filed against roughly 7,000 companies in Canada and The United States. There’s roughly 400,000 workplace bullying complaints in our database. The remaining complaints in our database (roughly 600,000) come from victims of online bullying. We receive at least 100 complaints of bullying (workplace & online) every day.

How do I know this service isn’t some scam?

ANSWER: Our work speaks for itself. Have a good look around this website as well as our other website ( then visit our facebook and twitter accounts and see how hard we’ve been working to spread bullying awareness. We are not motivated by money as we receive absolutely no charitable contributions from the government or private entities, yet we are not wealthy. We are life-long anti-bullying warriors, passionate about what we do, and totally dedicated to ending bullying. Feel free to ask us as many questions as you please.

Where can I find more information on workplace bullying?

ANSWER: In the States, Workplace Bullying Institute. In Canada, CCOHS.