Dear Hiring Personnel: If your company insist job seekers pay for a criminal record check, in this case, a bully record check, the fee is $7.99 USD. The job seeker will receive a print-ready downloadable bully record search certificate signed by Cobraman CEO. Simply instruct job seekers to complete step 1 & 2 below. If you would like to validate the authenticity of a bully record check certificate that was submitted to you by a job seeker, simply get in touch with us and we’ll check our database to ensure the certificate was issued by our organization, free of charge.

Dear Job Seeker: Make a great first impression by attaching Cobraman Bully Record Certificate to your resume.  Complete step 1 & 2 below, we’ll run the search then issue a downloadable print-ready bully record search certificate, signed by Cobraman CEO. Check your email for the certificate within 72 business hours. Please note: You only pay the fee ($7.99) if the search comes back clean. 

How We Conduct A Bully Search: A specially designed application firstly searches our database of over 1 million bullying complaints and secondly, scrapes the internet for everything potential employees may have said or done online. Our search algorithms contain built-in synonyms related to the words “bullying” and “harassment” and work alongside keywords specific to the job seeker profile. Major social platforms as Facebook and Twitter, and comments on blogs and posts on smaller social sites, like Tumblr, the blogging site, as well as Yahoo user groups, e-commerce sites, bulletin boards and even Craigslist, are searched for bullying complaints. SEE DEMO VIDEO

Note: We search our database of over 1 million bullying complaints in Canada and the United States, as far back to our first bullying complaint – 11/2014 up until the day the bully record check was requested. Bullying complaints over three years old are automatically removed from our system.

Under no circumstances, will we issue a bully record search certificate for an individual who has been reported to or detected by us for bullying. If the search comes back clean, we’ll send you an invoice via email for $7.99. After payment has been received, we’ll issue the certificate right away.


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**Please double check your answers for accuracy before submitting**


(submit government ID)

We need to cross check some of the information you provided in the form. Please send us TWO pieces of government photo ID bearing the same address, name and date of birth that you provided in step 1, and be sure to include your full name in the body of the email. Send the photograph here: certificate@cobraman.org

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