It has only been in the past few years that companies have begun to recognize bullying’s financial costs on the workplace. Organizations need to recognize the costs involved with keeping a bully on staff. There’s a loss of productivity for the victim and other staff members who are also affected. There are medical and sick leave expenses from stress-related health issues. According to the American City Business Journal, a survey of 9,000 federal employees indicated that 42 percent of female and 15 percent of male employees reported being harassed within a two-year period, resulting in a cost of more than $180 million in lost time and productivity. SOURCE ~

Surveys in the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and the U.S. indicate that physical violence in the workplace is rare, but one in five workers is exposed to verbal and emotional abuse. For employers, that translates to direct and indirect costs – in healthcare, increased workloads, stunted creativity, staff turnover, reduced productivity, absenteeism, and corporate dysfunction, adding up to $40 billion in the UK and $200 billion in the United States annually.

Recruiters and hiring managers need to become trusted partners in the entire hiring process if a company wants to see and hire the best talent. Hiring personnel have a moral obligation to ensure that bad apples do not enter into the workforce. A criminal background check usually includes a search of civil and criminal court filings, credit information and personal history, including verification of degrees and past employment. A bully background check, on the other hand, includes a search of our database inundated with over 1 million bullying complaints across North America. A bully background check also searches for bullying complaints all over the internet.

Note that, a job candidate may have a clean criminal record yet still be a BULLY who, as you have come to learn, can cause havoc in the workplace. Both a criminal and BULLY RECORD SEARCH should be conducted in order to find the perfect job candidate.

Think of a bully background check as an invaluable add-on service to a criminal record check. Please visit our trusted partner for a criminal record check.


  • To keep their company image clean
  • To put an end to workplace bullying
  • To avoid costly harassment/bullying lawsuits
  • The ability to network with other hiring executives to fill job vacancies faster
  • The ability to post unlimited job openings on our job board
  • Company name listed in Cobraman scroll of praise
  • The ability to use our bully search record certificate to impress clients
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  • Take advantage of our FREE bully search service.


  • We receive over 100 bullying complaints daily
  • 1 million + bullying complaints in our database across North America
  • We issue a bully record search certificate with every successful search
  • This is not about the money. We can not be paid off. We are anti-bullying warriors for life who have dedicated our lives to making the world a better place


Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

1.) Hiring personnel sends us the job candidate information via an online form.

2.) A specially designed application firstly searches our database of over 1 million bullying complaints…

…and secondly, scrapes the internet for everything potential employees may have said or done online. Our search algorithms contain built-in synonyms related to the words “bullying” and “harassment” and even curse words, and work alongside keywords specific to the job seeker profile submitted by the hiring manager. Major social platforms as Facebook and Twitter, and comments on blogs and posts on smaller social sites, like Tumblr, the blogging site, as well as Yahoo user groups, e-commerce sites, bulletin boards and even Craigslist are searched for bullying complaints.


3) If a match is found in our database, our system generates a png image of the row containing information based on the bully search including the alleged bullying incident(s). The results are forwarded to your account for your viewing.



If a match is found on the internet, a pair of human hands conduct a cyber investigation and verifies the identity of the job candidate and begin to review content on matched sites. A clickable link(s) will appear in your account upon verification of job candidate identity and matched data.

SAMPLE ONLINE HIT REPORT—–> ONLINE WE FOUND  alleged bullying by  “Austin Kearney” WHO FITS THE DESCRIPTION. Click here to learn more.

4.) If no hits are found, A Bully Search Certificate, certified and signed, is generated and issued for each successful search and may be downloaded from your account.  Along with the job seeker resume and criminal record check, hiring personnel may forward the bully search certificate to clients for their viewing or simply keep the certificate on file.

Under no circumstances, will we issue a bully record search certificate for an individual who has been reported to or detected by us for bullying. I need more information or play demo.


Dear Hiring Personnel: Cobraman Organization will never sell or trade your personal information or your applicant’s information. You can rest assured you are getting the best service in the industry. 




1. Research indicates that of the companies who conduct screening, 81 percent verify education, 79 percent check previous employment, 59 percent check references, 37 percent look into criminal records and 21 percent inspect motor vehicle records, 0 percent check look into an individual’s bullying history hence the birth of our unprecedented line of bullying screening services.

2. According to Right Management, replacing a bad hire can cost a company as much as five times the employee’s annual salary in recruitment, training, severance and lost productivity.

3. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, dishonest employees can cost a business up to two percent of its gross sales.

4. More than 80 percent of U.S. businesses currently perform typical employer background checks, according to the Society of Human Resource Management.

5. More than half of the resumes received by businesses may contain exaggerated or fraudulent information and/or significant omissions.

6. Workplace bullying costs businesses billions of dollars a year. The following consequences employers face when their workers are bullied:

  • Higher absenteeism and turnover
  • Lower morale
  • Decreased productivity
  • Legal and workers’ compensation claims
  • Time lost for managers dealing with issues

7. Over 30% of all business failures are the result of negligent hiring practices.

8. Of the negligent hiring cases that go to trial, 66% result in jury awards averaging more than $600,000.

9. The Small Business Administration reports that for every dollar an employer invests in personnel screening, they save between five to sixteen dollars in reduced absenteeism, productivity, turnover, safety, insurance, and in employer liability.

10. The Department of Labor in the US calculates a bad hire can exceed 30% of an employee’s annual wage, so someone hired by a small firm at $50,000 annually could end up costing them more than $15,000.


1. About 42% of Best-in-Class organizations cite that one of the top two ways their onboarding process will change in 2009 is automation.

2. Projected growth in technology adoption among Best-in-Class organizations will center mostly on tools that leverage data collected in the pre-hire phase in order to pre-populate new employee forms. The automation of forms and tasks management will provide immediate benefits in terms of time savings, data accuracy, and overall readiness.

3. Executive-level background checks are becoming increasingly more popular.

4. As a result of the high number of terrorist attacks, it is likely that employers will need to scrutinize applications even more carefully, to be on the watch for fraudulent credentials.

5. International background checks are becoming very accessible to employers.

6. Increased requirements by federal and state/provincial governments for more background checks in sensitive industries, such as child care workers and health workers.

7. There has been a big increase in the number of Background Checks for people seeking gun permits.

8. Lawmakers are seeking to require background checks on private gun sales, and purchases at firearms shows.

9. Lawmakers are seeking to require background checks for all public and private school teachers, employees and workers at licensed early education centers.

10. Employers have started scouring the web—social networking sites in particular— to check up on potential hires.

11. More companies are conducting free background checks using social media sites
and personal online databases.

12. With the growing economy and potential competition, larger firms showing a renewed emphasis on attempting to acquire market share by acquisitions.

13. This industry is attracting more technologists who have experience in working
with ‘big data’ systems.

14. Over the last few years, regulators at federal, state/provincial, and municipal level have moved to pass and implement new laws and rules to govern background checks and to safeguard the privacy of individuals.

15. The need to guard against poor background checks and inaccurate data is pushing business and individuals away from conducting their internal background screening.

16. A growing number of businesses and individuals are looking to make the background screening a continual process and are engaging in periodic re-checks of already screened individuals to identify people who have committed offenses since the last screening process.

17. More companies are now opting to outsource the process of background screening to professionals or qualified vendors so as to transfer litigation risks

18. There has been an increasing number of FCRA class-action lawsuits against employers over alleged violations that could have easily been avoided by a careful review of disclosure and authorization forms and processes.