About Us

Aspiring screenwriter, Cobraman Creator, Michell Archibald, wrote Cobraman Movie script in 2007. In 2008, Michell, modified the movie script to address bullying after her daughter, Phily-Lexxy, fell victim to bullying. Years passed before Michell realized how serious the bullying epidemic is. In 2014 Michell made a conscious decision to dedicate her life to end bullying.

Using Cobraman as a poster boy, since 2014 up until now, we use our other website (cobraman.ca) as a platform to spread bullying awareness, log bullying complaints and sell anti-bullying merchandise to schools and the general public. Please visit our other website for more information on our anti-bullying merchandise, contests, quizzes etc.

Having worked in the head hunting business for three years (2004-2007) Michell understands the challenges in Recruitment & Selection. Factor in  countless workplace bullying complaints filed on cobraman.ca since 2014 — this drove Michell to create a line of bully screening services.

Cobraman Bully Record Search was especially developed to deter bullying in the workplace. As of 2018, there are roughly 1 MILLION bullying complaints in our database across North America. We receive at least 100 complaints of bullying every day. Find out more about this unprecedented service or jump right into the action and take advantage of our free bully screening service offer. We also offer Cobraman Company Record Search for job seekers. Yeah – it’s free too! Find out more here.


COBRA MAN, the first ever anti-bullying superhero with extraordinary skills, was created in hopes of taking vulnerable children’s confidence level to new heights and bring awareness to the issues surrounding bullied kids and youths with disabilities. We’ve branded Cobraman the man of Faith, Hope & Perseverance to encourage everyday people to embrace their inner man and become the best that they can be. FAITH is what keeps us going – we must believe in ourselves if we are to succeed in life. HOPE is something we all need – as humans we put hope in our dreams, and hope for a better future. PERSEVERANCE delivers results – hard work pays off, we mustn’t dare give up on our goals in life. Essentially, Cobraman logo (fanged “C”) is the emblem of INNER STRENGTH which reminds of two very important things:



Help us spread bullying awareness. Sport Cobra man fanged “C” merchandise. Everything from fidget spinners, to cool tees, to pop sockets. Check out our store, then scoot over to our currency free community  and grab a freebie.